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3. Conservation Laws Full Maxwell Equations: 3.2.1 Derivation Power density (Joule's heating law) 3.1 Charge conservation Charge is conserved globally! If G sufficient large to contain everything: on surface Global Charge Conservation for any volume G continuity equation: local formulation (differential form) force work power densities power density Lec 07 - 19. Jan Monday, January 19, 2009 10:01 AM Lecture Notes Page 1
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Maxwell Math identity (Griffith #6) Poynting Vector Starting point: energy density (heat!) Energy conservation in differential form Energy balance for given region G global energy conservation (sufficiently large G to contain 'everything')
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Unformatted text preview: Lecture Notes Page 2 3.2.2 Example: radius a cylindrical coordinates inside wire diameter a assume stationary situation: cylinder Energy flows from fields into cylinder through outer surface of wire: dynamic situation: quasi-static approximation dynamics with no external electromotive force: initially: I(0) => B-field from current I(t) E field from self induction => energy from outer fields enter conductor no energy left in field => all energy converted into u by Joule's heating law Poynting Vector: energy flow through surface Intensity: Lecture Notes Page 3...
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Lecture 7 Lecture Notes - Lecture Notes Page 2 3.2.2...

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