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Assignment 05 - Electromagnetic Theory PHYS 441B Due Wednesday 4.March 2009 10:30 100 Points Assignment 5 Remark All known results from situations

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Electromagnetic Theory, PHYS 441B Due: Wednesday, 4.March 2009, 10:30 100 Points Assignment 5 Remark: All known results from situations in Electrostatics and Mag- netostatics can be used in without derivation in assignments and exams. Problem 1: Consider the solution for a wave guide that consists of 60 P two infinite parallel plates which are both ideal conductors. The plates are placed parallel to the y-z plane, one through the origin, the second through the point x = b . 1. Make the ansatz for the waves of the electromagnetic fields propagating in the z direction as ~ E = Re ( ~ f ( x ) e i ( kz - ωt ) ) and ~ B = Re ( ~g ( x ) e i ( kz - ωt ) ) and find the equations that govern the vector fields ~ f ( x ) and ~g ( x ), which do not depend on the coordinate
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