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Assignment 02 - connecting a voltmeter to measure the...

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Electromagnetic Theory, PHYS 441B Norbert L¨utkenhaus Due: Wednesday, 28. Jan 2009, 10:30 110 Points Assignment 2 Remark: All known results from situations in Electrostatics and Mag- netostatics can be used in without derivation in assignments and exams. Problem 1: Fields, Charges and Currents (Griffith Problem 7.34, 30 P page 327) Problem 2: Induction (Griffith Problem 7.50, page 337) 30 P Additional task: Explain the observation that the two voltages differ. Think yourself in the position of an experiomentalist with one voltmeter
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Unformatted text preview: connecting a voltmeter to measure the voltage between points A and B, when does it show voltage V 1 , when does it show V 2 ? Problem 2: Coupled circuits 50 P For the circuit shown in the ²gure, where a long solenoid is driven such that the time dependent flux Φ( t ) = Φ sin( ωt ) is maintained by an external source, calculate the currents I A and I B as at points A and B as function of time for general initial conditions. )+ t) C R 2 R 1 A B R 3 1...
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