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8.7 Electrodynamics in relativistic formulation 4-vector current and 4-vector potential Gauge condition: Continuity equation With the previous subsections, we finished the relativistic formulation of Electrodynamics. The four vector describes the sources, and the four vector contains all information about the fields. For given source terms, we can now choose a better suited reference frame and obtain the source term in that reference frame, solve there the wave equation for the vector potentials and then transform the resulting potentials back to our original frame. Solution via Adapted reference frame Direct solution We will later use this method to simply derive the fields for a uniformly moving point charge Lec 29 - 20. Mar
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Unformatted text preview: March 17 09 Lecture Notes Page 1 8.7.3 Electromagnetic Fields Define anti-symmetric: Components of a) b) With the basic relativistic formulation done, we now turn our attention to the secondary, derived quantities, namely electric and magnetic field, energy density, Poynting Vector, Stress Tensor . . The idea is to find direct relationships for these quantities without having to go through the vector potential for which we already know the transformation behavior. Lecture Notes Page 2 8.7.4 Energy-Momentum Tensor symmetric: (u: energy density) (Poynting vector) Maxwell-Stress Tensor Proof: clear for term Now term Components: Lecture Notes Page 3...
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Lecture 29 Lecture Notes - March 17 09 Lecture Notes Page 1...

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