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American history X outline

American history X outline - Cameron is the shadow figure...

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Thesis: Dr. Sweeney had a significant role in Dererk’s and Danny’s transformations from racist skinheads to realizing that racism does not make things better “What have you done that has made your life better?” – Dr. Sweeney Sweeney visiting Derek in prison after he had been raped. Dr. Sweeney fights with Danny’s history teacher in the beginning and Sweeney says he will not give up on Danny and gives him a second chance. Sweeney assigns an essay to Danny about his brother Derek. Creating the Myth The healing myth Derek is healed emotionally when he goes to prison and returns home Archtypes Sweeney is the wise old man
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Unformatted text preview: Cameron is the shadow figure He tries to get Danny hooked on the same ideals his brother was Seth is the trickster Always causing trouble, getting in peoples way, The hero often hits rock bottom-when Derek is raped in prison The hero often receives help, and the help often comes from unusual sources.-Derek receives help from Sweeney who is black. Derek hates blacks and killed 2 black men Danny goes through his own healing when he sits down with Derek and they talk about dereks time in prison. He receives help from Derek but is persuaded by Cameron and seth....
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