Geol 303 Natural Disasters Chapter 6 Notes

Geol 303 Natural Disasters Chapter 6 Notes - Earthquakes in...

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Geology 303 Natural Disasters Chapter 6: More U.S. and Canadian Earthquakes Significant Earthquakes: 6.5 magnitude or greater Pacific and north-american plates form a transform-fault margin North-american plate: moving southwest Pacific plate: moving northwest Human-triggered earthquakes Building dams Pumping liquids into the earth Nuclear explosions When rock liquefies, its volume expands Harmonic tremors: a nearly continuous swarm of relatively small earthquakes
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Unformatted text preview: Earthquakes in eastern U.S. are not as frequent but just as large Pacific-Northwest: strike-strip faults rupture the surface Central U.S.: ancient rift valleys remain from failed spreading centers Hawaii: underground movement of magma cause earthquakes Land is uplifted when magma is injected and dropped down when magma is removed...
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