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Chemistry CheckOut

Chemistry CheckOut - Chemistry Check Out Form All Employees...

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Chemistry Check Out Form – All Employees Name: ________________________________ Date: ____________________________ Supervisor/Research Director: _______________________ UA Job Title: ____________ Thank you for your service to the Department of Chemistry – we hope you have benefited from your time here and wish you the best of luck in the future. There are several steps to think about as you leave the Department and the sooner you let people know, the better. IN THE DEPARTMENT: 1. Payroll – Stacey Tutas, Rm. 210D OC, 621-6342 To be sure to get a final paycheck you will need to give Stacey a letter of resignation. This also starts the process of using or being paid for any vacation you may have accrued. Also it’s important to leave your forwarding address to get your W2 at tax time. Resignation letter / non renewal notice Final defense completed date / graduated Forwarding address ______ Forwarding telephone ______ New Employer ______ Completed: Signature 2. Purchasing – Brenda Provstgaard, Rm. 210G OC, 621-9432 (Not applicable to all employees) Arizona Buyways access P-Card access Storeroom access Completed: Signature 3.
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