July 23rd-july 26 - Struggles/work experience The...

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Struggles/work experience The importance of geographical location in America would be crucial in determining the type of future that Asian immigrants would experience in America. Asian immigrants that settled in the mainland, such as California, faced high discrimination by American society resulting in a feeling of isolation. The mainland consisted of an impersonal labor structure where employers cared little about the welfare of immigrants. Those Asian immigrants who migrated to the Hawaiian Islands experienced a more adaptable culture. Their political presence on the plantations eventually provided equal wage rates having no association with ethnicity. The primary difference between these two locations was the overwhelming white population in the mainland as opposed to in Hawaii where whites were considered the minority. This allowed for Asians in Hawaii to quickly gain political strength leading to the consolidation of ethnicities into a single society. In the mainland, Chinese immigrants were paid significantly lower wages making it
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July 23rd-july 26 - Struggles/work experience The...

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