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PLAN 370 Study Guide Planning Styles – Russell Ackoff Fall 2005 REACTIVE Reactive planners prefer a previous state to the one they are in and believe things are going from bad to worse. Hence, they not only resist change, but try to unmake previous changes and return things to where they once were. They are generally nostalgic about the ”good old days.” Their propensity to return to the past makes their management philosophy reactionary. They are interested in the future to the extent that they may be able to reinstall a previous world view. INACTIVE Inactive planners tend to be satisfied with the way things are. For them, any intervention in the course of events is unlikely to improve the situation and very likely to make it worse. Inactive planners take a do-nothing posture. They try to ride with the tide without rocking the boat. Their management philosophy is conservative. They seek stability above all and will become more and more controlling and inflexible in the face of continuing demands for change. For
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