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Esteban Sanchez PLAN 370-500 1/27/09 Abstract 1 Health Care Reform – Why So Much Talk and So Little Action One big topic that Barack Obama’s campaign stood on was change. And now as out president that is exactly what people are expecting and want. One thing that many people would like a change in is our Health Insurance system. However there seems to be so much talk about change coming but yet not very much has been done. And the big question on everyone’s mind is when. Victor R. Fuchs tells us four reasons why. The first being many organizations and individuals prefer the “status quo.” insurance companies; manufacturers of drugs, medical devices, and medical equipment, and companies that employ mostly young, healthy workers and therefore have lower health care costs than they would if required to help subsidize care for the poor and the sick.
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Unformatted text preview: Second, there is a minority that is determined and concentrated on fighting to preserve the status quo. This has a considerable advantage over a majority who favor reform but have varying degrees of willingness to fight for a promised but uncertain benefit. The third being our countrys Political system since there are two houses in out congress this increases the difficulty of passing complex legislation. Fourth being reformers have failed to go with one approach. Disagreement among reformers has been a major obstacle to substantial reform since early in the last century. So because of these four reasons it may take awhile before change in Health insurance occurs. Victor R. Fuchs. Health Care Reform Why So Much Talk and So Little action New England Journal of Medicine. http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full/360/3/208...
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