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Esteban Sanchez 3/10/2009 PLAN 370-500 Abstract 7 Coming to Grips with Food borne Infection — Peanut Butter, Peppers, and Nationwide Salmonella Outbreaks Each year, approximately 110,000 persons acquire endemic E. coli infection, and 50 of them die. Even as groups such as USDA, FDC, and the CDC continue to intensify their efforts to prevent food borne infection. The two most recent out brakes of food borne infection have been with salmonella. The first was between April and August 2008, state health departments and the CDC suggested that contamination of tomatoes grown in the southwestern US was the cause however it ended up being jalapeño and serrano peppers that had been grown on one Mexican farm. The second was one Georgia producer's peanut butter and the processed foods of other manufacturers that contained the company's peanut butter or paste. Some say that we must move back to smaller farm production but in reality this would not be possible to feed all Americans and the rest of
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Unformatted text preview: the world. But what we can do is have more effective programs for monitoring the production and processing of food. However insufficient personnel and inadequate budgetary support have limited inspections of food producers and processors by. Safer food will come only when the federal government commits the resources needed to achieve it. And another option that would be even more effective is adopting technology that is already out there, routine irradiation of the final commercial product. Research has shown that irradiation kills pathogens or markedly reduces pathogen counts without impairing the nutritional value of food or making it toxic, carcinogenic, or radioactive. Dennis G. Maki, M.D. “Coming to Grips with Foodborne Infection — Peanut Butter, Peppers, and Nationwide Salmonella Outbreaks” New England Journal of Medicine. 2009. http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full/360/10/949...
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