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Esteban Sanchez PLAN 4/2/2009 Abstract 9 Your Doctor's Office or the Internet? Two Paths to Personal Health Records This article brings up a real life scenario with a 68 year old women named Mary. Mary takes seven medications, and averages 12 visits per year to her six physicians. In between all this she spends lots of time making appointments, requesting prescription renewals and referrals, seeking test results, and asking questions that she forgot to bring up in person. This is just one patient physicians are becoming overwhelmed with everything they have to do for patients such as Mary. There are two options that will help save time and money. They both deal with medical records, making appointments, and getting information to patients faster. One is a stand-alone personal health record (PHR), such as the Internet-based tools for patients developed by Google, Microsoft, WebMD, and others. The other option is "integrated PHR" that is an extension of physicians electronic
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Unformatted text preview: health records (EHRs). It seems that intergrated PHR’s would be a better option because integrated PHRs are essentially portals into the EHRs of patients' health care providers. They can offer patients access to data, scheduling resources, and communication among members of the health care team as providers are willing to permit. Integrated PHRs are already used by millions of patients however most U.S. patients and their physicians still live in the world of paper medical records. To help change this the Obama administration has set a goal of computerizing all of America's medical records within 5 years as a means of improving efficiency, quality, and safety and ultimately saving money. Paul C. Tang, M.D., and Thomas H. Lee, M.D. “Your Doctor's Office or the Internet? Two Paths to Personal Health Records” New England Journal of Medicine. March 26, 2009<http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full/360/13/1276>...
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