PS_9_SIMANCODE - RELEASE: Regular Agents,1; TALLY: Tally Set

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EXAMPLE 1. MODEL FRAME: CREATE,1,0, EXPO(5); ASSIGN: PartType=1; BRANCH, 1: If,NQ(DrillQ)<10,Join: Else,Leave; Join QUEUE, DrillQ; SEIZE, 2: Drill,1; DELAY: NORM(Mean(PartType),StdDev(PartType)); RELEASE: Drill,1; COUNT: Counter Set(PartType),1; Go DISPOSE; Leave COUNT: LostParts,1: NEXT(Go); CREATE,1,0, EXPO(8); ASSIGN: PartType=2:NEXT(Join); EXPERIMENT FRAME PROJECT, "PS9-1","Bilge"; ATTRIBUTES: PartType; VARIABLES: Mean(2),4,12: StdDev(2), 1,3: QUEUES: DrillQ,FIFO; RESOURCES: Drill,1; COUNTERS: LostParts; PartType 1; PartType 2; REPLICATE, 1,0,480; SETS: Counter Set,PartType 1,PartType 2; EXAMPLE 2. MODEL FRAME CREATE,1,0,EXPO(IntArr); ASSIGN: TimeIn = TNOW CustType = DISC(0.8, 1, 1.0, 2); BRANCH, 1: If,(CustType == 1) || (TNOW>480),Reg: If,(NR(Frequent Agent) == 1) && (NQ(Regular.Queue) <= 2),Chg: Else,Freq; Reg QUEUE, Regular.Queue; SEIZE, Regular Agents;
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DELAY: Normal(Mean(CustType),StdDev(CustType));
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Unformatted text preview: RELEASE: Regular Agents,1; TALLY: Tally Set 1(CustType),INT(TimeIn); DISPOSE; Chg COUNT: ChangeCount,1:NEXT(Reg); Freq QUEUE, Frequent.Queue; SEIZE, Frequent Agent; DELAY: Normal(7,2); RELEASE: Frequent Agent; TALLY: freq flow,INT(TimeIn); DISPOSE; CREATE,1, 480; ASSIGN: IntArr=4; DISPOSE; EXPERIMENT FRAME PROJECT, "ps9-2","Bilge; ATTRIBUTES: CustType: TimeIn; VARIABLES: IntArr, 2: Mean(2),10,7: StdDev(2),4,2: QUEUES: Regular.Queue,FIFO; Frequent.Queue,FIFO; RESOURCES: RegularAgents,Capacity(4); FrequentAgent,Capacity(1); COUNTERS: ChangeCount; TALLIES: freq flow,,DATABASE(,"Interval","User Specified","freq flow"): Tally Reg,,DATABASE(,,"User Specified","Tally Reg"): Tally Freq,,DATABASE(,,"User Specified","Tally Freq"); DSTATS: NR(Frequent Agent); NQ(Frequent.Queue); NQ(Regular.Queue); NR(Regular Agents); REPLICATE, 1,960; SETS: Tally Set 1,Tally Reg,Tally Freq;...
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This note was uploaded on 07/30/2009 for the course INDUSTRIAL ie306 taught by Professor Alirizakaylan during the Spring '09 term at Boğaziçi University.

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PS_9_SIMANCODE - RELEASE: Regular Agents,1; TALLY: Tally Set

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