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13 May 2009 IE 304 OPERATIONS RESEARCH III: STOCHASTIC MODELS PS # 11 Question 1) Consider a closed queuing network consisting of two customers moving among two servers, and suppose that after each service completion the customer is equally likely to go to either server – that is, P 12 = P 21 = ½. Let μ i denote the exponential service rate at server i, i = 1, 2 . (a) Determine the average number of customers at each server. (b) Determine the service completion rate for each server. Question 2) Consider a container terminal with finite number of N trailers that bring loads of containers from ships to a single unloader. The unloader can serve only one trailer at a time and unloading time per trailer has an exponential distribution with mean 1/ μ s . A trailer leaves when it is unloaded and returns at the unloader with the next load of containers after an exponentially distributed time with mean 1/λ . After a trailer
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