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Research Essay Outline - Research Essay Outline Thesis and...

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Research Essay Outline Thesis and introduction – the music industry has created a monopoly that is being threatened by the file-sharing revolution. File-sharing only increases a user’s interest in a band, making the band more popular and earning them revenue. o The Music Monopoly Dave Marsh, editor for rock magazines Cream and Rolling Stone, and author of a dozen books on music states that “[major record labels] get you on breakage fees, they charge you extra money to make CDs even though CDs are cheaper to produce than cassettes…they just got a million scams to take money away from the artist” (522-23, K. McLeod). Marsh talking about mainstream labels: “Mainstream record labels…are just trying to maximize their profits, so they’re trying to minimize their costs” (523, K. McLeod). “[I]n the late 1980’s, the major labels instituted an industry-wide return policy that forced retailers to stop carrying LPs” (525-6, K. McLeod). The music industry basically forced consumers to accept CDs as the new format. o “This generated higher profits and new sales as fans began replacing their vinyl collections with CDs at inflated prices” (526, K. McLeod). o “As production expenses [for CDs] fell, consumer prices rose, and artist royalty rates stayed the same” (526, K. McLeod). o “a U.S. court found the nation’s largest labels guilty of a conspiracy to drive up CD prices” (526, K. McLeod). o Just how easy is it to steal music? While sharing began with website operators offering files for download free of charge, it soon transformed into the use of centrally based indexes, with the actual files stored on each participant’s own computer—thus multiplying the available archival space at no cost and making legal action more difficult” (144, Leman-Langlois). “With the advent of MP3 compression technology and high-speed
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Research Essay Outline - Research Essay Outline Thesis and...

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