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ECE 3080: Homework #4, Solutions June 25, 2009 Page 1 of 8 G EORGIA I NSTITUTE OF T ECHNOLOGY S CHOOL OF E LECTRICAL AND C OMPUTER E NGINEERING ECE 3080: Semiconductor Devices for Computer Engineering and Telecommunication Systems Summer Semester 2009, Homework #4 SOLUTIONS 1. BJT: Minority Carrier Distribution (20 points) An npn silicon bipolar transistor at T = 300 K has uniform dopings of N E = 10 19 cm -3 , N B = 10 17 cm -3 , and N C = 7 10 15 cm -3 . The transistor is operated in the inverse-active mode with V BE = – 2 V and V BC = 0.75 V. (a) Sketch the total minority carrier distribution throughout the device. (b) Determine the minority carrier concentrations at x = W (i.e., in the base at the edge of the base-collector depletion region) and x" = 0 (i.e., in the emitter at the edge of the emitter-base depletion region). (c) If the metallurgical base width is 1.2 μm, determine the effective base width W.
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ECE3080_Homework4_Solution - GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF...

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