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ECE 3080A: Homework #5, Solutions July 7, 2009 Page 1 of 5 G EORGIA I NSTITUTE OF T ECHNOLOGY S CHOOL OF E LECTRICAL AND C OMPUTER E NGINEERING ECE 3080A: Semiconductor Devices for Computer Engineering and Telecommunication Systems Summer Semester 2009, Homework #5 SOLUTIONS 1. BJT: Frequency Limitation (20 points) In a particular bipolar transistor, the base transit time is 20 percent of the total delay time. The base width is 0.5 μm and the base diffusion coefficient is D B = 20 cm 2 /s. Determine the cut-off frequency. Solution: 2. MS-Contact: Schottky Diode: (20 points) A PtSi Schottky diode at T = 300 K is fabricated on n-type silicon with a doping concentration of N D = 10 16 cm -3 . The barrier height is Φ B = 0.89 eV. Determine (a) the energy difference (E C – E F ) FB in the semiconductor (b) the built-in potential V bi (c) the saturation current density J S (d) the forward bias voltage required for a current density J = 2 A/cm 2 .
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ECE 3080A: Homework #5, Solutions July 7, 2009
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ECE3080_Homework5_Solution - GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF...

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