ECE3080_Homework6_Solution - ECE 3080A: Homework #6,...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 3080A: Homework #6, Solutions July 21, 2009 Page 1 of 5 G EORGIA I NSTITUTE OF T ECHNOLOGY S CHOOL OF E LECTRICAL AND C OMPUTER E NGINEERING ECE 3080A: Semiconductor Devices for Computer Engineering and Telecommunication Systems Summer Semester 2009, Homework #6 SOLUTIONS 1. MOS-Capacitor: C-V Characteristic: (25 points) The high-frequency C-V characteristic of an MOS-capacitor is displayed below. The area of the device is 210-3 cm 2 . The metal-semiconductor work function difference is ms = 0.5 eV, the oxide is SiO 2 , the semiconductor is silicon and the semiconductor doping is 210 16 cm-3 . (a) Is the semiconductor component of the MOS-capacitor doped n-type or p-type? Indicate how you arrived at your answer. (b) Draw the energy band diagram for V = 0.8 V. Be sure to include all three components of the MOS-C, show the proper band bending (if applicable), and properly position the Fermi level in the metal and the semiconductor....
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ECE3080_Homework6_Solution - ECE 3080A: Homework #6,...

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