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AAS 219/219Z Final Study Guide Booker T. Washington W.E.B. DuBois Ida B. Wells Jack Johnson Tuskegee University Atlanta Compromise Speech “Talented Tenth” Souls of Black Folk Up From Slavery Niagara Movement NAACP Red Summer (1919) Chicago Riot (1919) Great Migration Harlem Renaissance Langston Hughes Claude McKay Jazz Zora Neale Hurston Duke Ellington Billie Holiday Marcus Garvey Cotton Club Joe Louis Mary McCleod Bethune March on Washington (1941) Executive Order 8802 Tuskegee Airmen Triangular Trade Sugar Loose and tight packing Portuguese Elmina Castle Egyptian Civilization Islam Mansa Musa Oladuah Equiano Middle Passage Tobacco Jamestown Indentured Slavery
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John Punch Anthony Johnson
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Unformatted text preview: Gullah and Creole Chattel Slavery Panic of 1741 Half Freedom 1712 NYC Rebellion 1739 Stono Revolt Crispus Attucks Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation 3/5 Compromise Fugitive Slave Clause Cotton Cotton Gin Mississippi & Ohio Rivers Domestic Slave Trade Slave Family Slave Spirituals Gabriel 1811 Louisiana Revolt Denmark Vesey Nat Turner Runaway Slaves Frederick Douglass Harriett Tubman Sojourner Truth David Walker Colonization William Still Underground Railroad Compromise of 1850 Fugutive Slave Law Uncle Tom's Cabin Kansas Nebraska Act Bleeding Kansas Dred Scott Decision John Brown 1860 Presidential Election...
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AAS_219_FINAL_STUDY_GUIDE1 - Gullah and Creole Chattel...

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