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Mathematics 185 – Intro to Complex Analysis Fall 2005 – M. Christ Problem Set 10 Please read Chapter 12. Note that in lecture I skipped over the material in Chapter 11 concerning the Riemann sphere. This is interesting and useful, but for now I am deemphasizing it in order to get on to the more important material in Chapter 12. You need not worry about mastering this topic for now. (If time permits, we’ll come back to it near the end of the semester.) Due Tuesday November 15: Solve these problems from Chapter 11:
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Unformatted text preview: 9 (parts i,iii,vi), 12, 13 (i,iii), 14 (i,iii,viii), 16, 19. Also read the statement of problem 20 and understand how its conclusion is a direct consequence of problem 19, but do not write anything. Solve these problems from Chapter 12: 1 (i,iv), 3, 4, 5(i,ii). Budget some extra time for next week’s important problem set 11, in which we will be calculating all sorts of definite integrals....
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