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hw12 - that the equation e z = az n has n solutions in the...

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Mathematics 185 – Intro to Complex Analysis Fall 2005 – M. Christ Problem Set 12 Read the last part of Chapter 12, about counting and locating zeros, if you have not already done so. Due Thursday December 1: Solve these problems from Chapter 12: 21, 22(i) (apply Rouch´ e’s theorem with f ( z ) = - 8 z ), 22(iii), 23. In problem 21, the word “root” is a synonym of “solution”; you’re asked to show
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Unformatted text preview: that the equation e z = az n has n solutions in the specified region. • Go over the solutions for problem set 11 until you understand the steps and feel able to apply their solutions to similar problems on the final exam....
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