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Rhetorical Analysis Outline

Rhetorical Analysis Outline - commanding(131 b Pathos i...

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1. Write thesis here a. Ethos i. Credibility 1. W. J. Reeves doesn’t necessarily establish credibility except that he mentions he is a teacher at a college 2. The introduction written by the authors of “Conversations” provide the credibility by mentioning what W. J. Reeves does and where his essay was published. 3. Author’s affiliations a. Teacher at Brooklyn College, City University of New York ii. Character 1. Does the author respect the values of others? a. The author does not respect the values of ESL students or students that do not try hard in school. He also attacks the administrations for grade inflation b. “This is not to say that the ESL students are worse than the homegrown functional illiterates whose command of their own language is less than
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Unformatted text preview: commanding (131). b. Pathos i. Word choice 1. Inmates are running the asylum 2. Self imposed segregation 3. Whose grasp of the English language is to be kind, shaky. ii. Tone 1. Informal iii. Omission 1. He leaves out that there are a lot of hard working college students iv. What group is marginalized? 1. ESL students are put down in his article c. Logos i. Examples 1. Own teaching experiences ii. Facts, Other peoples claims 1. Does not lead into his quotations well. All he does is mention the name of the author and nothing about them. iii. Statistics iv. Intro and conclusion 1. Are they fitting a. No, they are offensive and very informal....
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