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Chapter 16 Fluorescent Transgenes to Study Interphase Chromosomes in Living Plants Antonius J.M. Matzke, Bruno Huettel, Johannes van der Winden, and Marjori Matzke Keywords Live cell imaging; Interphase chromosomes; Fluorescent proteins; lac operator/repressor; tet operator/repressor; Agrobacterium tumefaciens ; Binary vec- tors; Arabidopsis thaliana Abstract Fluorescence tagging of genomic sites through the use of bacterial operator/repressor systems combined with fluorescent proteins permits high-resolution analysis of interphase chromosomes in living cells. This technique has been used to study interphase chromosome arrangement and dynamics in yeast, Drosophila, and mammalian cells, but is only beginning to be exploited in plant systems. In this chapter, we describe methods for producing and identifying Arabidopsis thaliana plants harbouring fluorescence-tagged transgenes. The use of these plants to ana- lyze various aspects of interphase chromosome organization and dynamics in living
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  • Cell nucleus, interphase chromosomes, Antonius J.M. Matzke, interphase chromosome arrangement, Subnuclear Components

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