review2sum09 - Textbook Chapters for Exam 2 Chapters 6 (all...

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Unformatted text preview: Textbook Chapters for Exam 2 Chapters 6 (all sections) and 7 (sections 1-6, and 8... skip section 7 on polyprotics) + remember Chapter 10 sections 10 and 11. Youre responsible for any material covered in class whether it was on the homework or not. This review sheet covers most everything we have done. Also remember that no equations are given on the exams. Values for equilibrium constants are given where needed although you should know K w . Chemical Equilibrium (Chapter 6) Know how to WRITE the mass action expression same as equilibrium equation How does this expression change and the value of K when a reaction is "flipped", doubled, halved? When is this expression equal to Q ? When is it equal to K ? What is thermodynamic K ? How does that relate to K p and K c ? How does K p relate to K c ? When would they be equal? What is the relationship between G rxn and Q ? between G rxn and K ? This is the Chapter 10 stuff in sec- tions 10 and 11 you might even have to back up a bit and reread section 9. What are the units for an equilibrium constant? There are NO units. Why? Zumdahl refers to apparent units in places, I prefer to stick with the true no-unit version. Calculations involving the equilibrium constant, K Know how to calculate the equilibrium constant if given equi- librium amounts of reactants and products. This is where you are given the entire bottom row e (final equilibrium con- centrations) of the equilibrium table (ICE Table) that we use....
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review2sum09 - Textbook Chapters for Exam 2 Chapters 6 (all...

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