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Sheet1 Page 1 Problem 9.4 The contract originally came into existance in perfectly legal way. Every term was clearly defined and written. After depart The state law considers the oral agreement or written modification as modified contract. So, according to my undrstanding Problem 10.7 It is advisable to have the insurance for the total value of the property. But that can not be enforced over any client. The c Peter has explicitly and clearly mentioned in the communication that he does not want the insurance if the company does Problem 11.4
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Unformatted text preview: The mutual consideration is an important aspect of any contract. The contract between Chuckrow and Ralph Gough inclu The contract lacks such considerations. So, looking at the technical reasons for the fallings of trusses, the cause was not Problem 13.1 The contract can not exist without mutual consent of both the parties. Drs. Steele and Faust initially made an offer of $300 This is a case of unilateral mistake on the real estate side. The court definately will look it as the second offer but not as th...
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