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Assignment3 - Chapter 22.10 Case Details In 1972 Holly Hill...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Chapter 22.10 Case Details: - In 1972, Holly Hill Inc. purchased some land from Rogers and Blythe. - At the time of purchase, Holly Hill gave Rogers and Blythe promissory note and the purchase price. - The note executed on April 28, 1972, having the following text as a part: This note with interest is secured by a mortgage on a real estate by the maker in favor of said payee. The terms of said mortg - Rogers and Blythe assigned this note and mortgage to Chartered Bank as security in order to gain a loan from the bank. - Later, Rogers and Blythe defaulted the loan and got sued by the bank. The mortage took place between Holly Hill and Rogers and Blythe along with the payment Holly Hill received promissory note Chapter 23.8 Case Details: - Angilini Family and Lustro Aluminium Products entered into a contract of installing the sidings at their house. - The cash price was $3,600 and installment price was $5,363.40 with interest. Angilinis chose to pay by installment.
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