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1. Peer Performance Evaluation Sheet for Group Project Name of Reviewer: ___________________________ Step 1: Save this document, using the name “Peer Evaluation [Your Last Name]” Enter your name on the line just above, and enter your groupmates' last names in place of the words “Student” in the chart below. You do not need to enter your own name in the chart or do a self-evaluation. Step 2: Assign a numeric value to each group member’s participation for each of the four participation categories listed below, using the following scale: Grading Scale: A 23 – 25 B 20 – 22 F 0 – 19 Group Members→ [Student] [Student] [Student] Category Contributed actively to discussing the assignment situation
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Unformatted text preview: Contributed actively to writing the document Considered and responded to the contributions of others Demonstrated commitment to quality of final document Total = Divide by 4 Final numeric score= Comments: Step 3: Add up the points for each student, divide each student's total by 4, to get the average score, and enter that number as the final numeric score. Step 4: In the Comments section, add comments if needed to explain and justify your scores. The information in this form will be seen by the instructor only and will be considered, in addition to the evidence in the Group Project Threaded Discussion Area, in each student’s participation grade....
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