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-1DNC 152C 11/18/07 Intermediate Modern has been an exciting experience for me this year. As only my second semester of modern ever, there are so many things I have learned and have yet to learn about modern. From my perspective, modern is very different from other forms of dance. While other styles strive to stay tall and on top of the floor, modern encourages dances to feel the floor and find support in it. Growing up and being taught to stay lifted and on my toes now makes modern a much more conscious art form for me. Keeping my hips still is another area in which I struggle. Although ballet requires balanced hips, the upper body isn’t usually moving in as much opposition as in modern. In modern, there is also a leading with the hips not usually found in the other disciplines. Lastly, a common position in modern is parallel, which is definitely not found in other forms of dance. It is
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Unformatted text preview: definitely something you have to practice a lot to get used to! I believe our class is very well structured. It is a great learning environment and a lot of fun. The exercises we do in class really challenge the fundamental skills we need to strengthen while still leaving room for us to express ourselves and feel the music. There are also several routines that we repeat often. These choreographed pieces give us time to warm up and get into the dance mindset, without having to focus on a new combination. Overall, this modern class has been a great experience for me. Sometimes when you see modern for the first time it doesnt really look like dance. But the more modern dancers I meet and the more classes like this I take, I see that modern dance takes just as much hard work as any other style. Intermediate modern has definitely been a challenge and a great experience for me....
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