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IMPERFECTO Before studying the grammar explanation, answer the question based on the dialogue: Do the sentences „practicaba todos los días. ..“ and „Yo también jugaba mucho“ Refer to actions that occured only once on the past or to habitual actions in the past? The main function of the imperfect is to describe, actions that used to take place routinely Ejemplo: César esquiaba todos los días en invierno cuando vivía en Jaca, en los Pirineos. César used to ski every day in the winter when he lived in Jaca, in the Pyrenees. En el Puerto de San Sebastián, algunos hombres pescaban mientras otros reparaban las redes. In the porto of San Sebastián, some men were fishing while others were repairing the nets The imperfect is used when telling time and one´s age in the past It is also used to describe people, actions, situations, weather , or things in the past as well as states of mind and feelings .
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cw562232_imperfecto+explanaciUn - IMPERFECTO Before...

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