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Cómo elegir un tema para el informe oral y prepararlo Paso 1 - Selección de tema (semana 8) Lluvia de ideas: Think about the skills you've practiced throughout the quarter (e.g., description in the present and past) and the broader topics we've studied: people, activities, interests, the university, health and cuisine, climate (see Progress Card for a distilled version of abilities). Choose a topic within the above areas that both interests you academically and has some relevance to the Spanish-speaking world, remembering your limitations (i.e. US foreign policy in Latin America isn't the best topic for a Spanish 1A presentation; you'll have a chance to argue in 2A. ..). Remember that the point of this informe is to describe and inform . You might want to investigate a culturally relevant topic mentioned either in SQ or in another class of yours e.g. customs, an important cultural figure, art, music, a festival/celebration (Día de los Muertos, claro , is off-limits for obvious reasons). Browse the Internet or hard copies of periodicals for inspiration Or do a keyword search using an authentic search engine in Spanish (see Paso 3 below). You are welcome to try to use the past tense where appropriate, but it isn't necessary; if you do decide to describe an important cultural figure, you can use
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