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4B+thought+questions+2008 - Human Biology 4B(Spring 2008...

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Human Biology 4B (Spring 2008) Study Questions for the Final Exam These questions will guide you in considering the material you have learned throughout the quarter. Please note that the study questions are not exhaustive, and exam questions will draw on all of the readings, lectures, problem sets, and sections. Please review the thought questions for the midterm. These can be found on CourseWork under Course Materials --> Midterm Info. Health Care in America What are the consequences of thinking of health care as a commodity versus health care as a right? Bad: If healthcare is treated as a commodity, then the wealthy will get it and the poor will not. If it’s a commodity, then there are no standards of care (you have to pay more for better quality care.) Thus, the wealthy can get better care. If it’s a commodity then there no standard for care. Richer=better quality. If it’s a right, then the government determines who is and is not a doctor, and there is one standard for care. However, could be a lot of bureaucracy like in Canada. . What is the relationship between quality of health and health care expenditures as a percent of GDP? By what measures does the U.S. have the best health care among developed countries? Healthcare is measured by percent GDP. (Healthcare costs/ GDP) x 100% As this percentage increases, there are more uninsured people (as healthcare costs become a larger percent of the GDP i.e. they become more expensive then more uninsured.) Costs go up, uninsured goes up, GDP goes down, uninsured goes up. We spend more of our GDP on healthcare than any other country (15.3%) Compared to the others listed, of which the highest is 11.6% U.S. Compared to other countries: Bad: 2 nd lowest female life expectancy. Median for male life expectancy. Good: The U.S. has the best Neonatal intensive are in the world. The U.S. does the best with prosthetic limbs (titanium). Advanced pharmaceuticals Heart/lung transplants Electronics to assist failing hearts. We have best life expectancy after age 80 of any industrialized nation. WHO ranking: 37 th . Function of DALY, quality within system, distribution of financial burden. By what measures does it have the worst health care among developed countries? The U.S. has the highest infant mortality rate among all of the developed countries. The U.S. has 47 million uninsured, including 8.7 million children. 15.8% of overall population uninsured 18% of elderly population. Differential access to care: 37% of those below the 100% FPL are uninsured while only 5% of the 400%+ are uninsured (the percent uninsured goes down as % FPL goes up) 36% of all
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uninsured are below 100%. Why is having health insurance so important? What are a few types of insurance plans?
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4B+thought+questions+2008 - Human Biology 4B(Spring 2008...

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