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LSU EE 4720 Homework 3 Due: 15 March 2004 Problem 1: The MIPS program below copies a region of memory and runs on the illustrated implementa- tion. In the sub-problems below use only the bypass connections shown in the illustration. ( a ) Show a pipeline execution diagram for the code running on the illustrated implementation for two iterations. ( b ) Compute the CPI and the rate at which memory is copied in bytes per cycle assuming a large number of iterations. Don’t forget, when computing the number of cycles per iteration be sure not to count a cycle more, or less, than once. LOOP: lw $t0, 0($a0) sw 0($a1), $t0 addi $a0, $a0, 4 bne $a0, $a2 LOOP addi $a1, $a1, 4 format immed IR Addr 25:21 20:16 IR IF ID EX WB MEM IR IR rsv rtv IMM NPC ALU Addr Data Data Addr D In +4 PC Mem Port Addr Data Out Addr Data In Mem Port Data Out
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Unformatted text preview: rtv ALU MD dst dst dst Decode dest. reg NPC Problem 2: Execution should be ineFcient in the problem above. ( a ) Add exactly the bypass connections needed so that the program above executes as fast as possible. • Don’t forget that branch uses ID-stage comparison units. • Don’t forget the store. ( b ) Show a pipeline execution diagram of the code on the improved implementation. ( c ) ±or each bypass path that you’ve added show the cycles in which it will be used by writing the cycle number near the bypass path. If a bypass path goes to several places (for example, both ALU muxen) put the cycle number at the place(s) that use the signal. ( d ) Re-compute the CPI and the rate at which memory is copied....
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