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Homework6 - EE 4720 Homework 6 Due Not Collected If you...

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If you only have time for one of these problems, do problem three (the one on connecting memory devices to implement a cache). If you have or are hoping to get a job interview with a company that makes processors or which requires strong familiarity with them, do problems one and two. If you want to practice Verilog or VHDL do problem four. It you had the time to read this far you have no excuse for not doing at least one of the problems. Base answers to the problems below on information in the white paper at http://www.cpus.hp.com/techreports/PA-8700wp.pdf . This is a very concise technical sum- mary of the distinctive features of the Hewlett Packard PA-8700 processor, which implements the Precision Architecture (PA). It was written to sell processors, so though technically informative certain adjectives must be taken in context. Familiarity with the PA ISA is not needed to solve this assignment. If nevertheless you’re curious, there is a brief description of the PA ISA (along with
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