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LSU EE 4720 Homework 1 Due: 20 February 2008 Problem 1: Solve Fall 2007 Homework 2 without looking at the solution. Then look at the solution and give yourself a grade on a scale of [0 , 1]. Warning: test questions are based on the assumption that homework problems were completed, so make a full e±ort to solve it without ²rst consulting the solution. Problem 2: The MIPS IV movn instruction is an example of a predicated instruction (predication will be covered later in the semester, but that material is not needed to solve this problem). ( a ) Show how the movn instruction could be added to the implementation below inexpensively, but
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Unformatted text preview: without impact on critical path. Take into account the new logic’s impact on dependency testing (see the code sample below). Show all added control logic. format immed IR Addr 25:21 20:16 IF ID EX WB ME rsv rtv IMM NPC ALU Addr Data Data Addr D In +1 PC Mem Port Addr Data Out Addr Data In Mem Port Data Out rtv ALU MD dst dst dst Decode dest. reg NPC = 30 2 2’b0 + 15:0 25:0 29:26 29:0 1 15:0 ( b ) Show how the code below would execute on your implementation. add r1, r2, r3 movn r4, r5, r1 xor r6, r4, r7 ( c ) Suggest methods to eliminate any stalls encountered....
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