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Practice Midterm Examination 97

Practice Midterm Examination 97 - Name Computer...

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Name Computer Architecture EE 4720 Practice Midterm Examination Before 14 March 1997, 12:40 CST Modified 11 March 1998 Alias Problem 1 (25 pts) Problem 2 (25 pts) Problem 3 (25 pts) Problem 4 (25 pts) Exam Total (100 pts) Good Luck!
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Problem 1: Consider a new instruction, addbi (add big immediate). This instruction adds the contents of two registers plus a 32-bit immediate. For example, addbi r1, r2, r3, #123 ! r1 = r2 + r3 + 123 (a 32-bit constant). The instruction is coded using two words, the first word is coded the same way as an add instruction, except the opcode is different. The second word contains the 32-bit immediate. ( a ) Show how the DLX pipeline could be modified to implement addbi. X3DX30 X49X52 X49X52 X49X4DX4D X41X64X64X72 X41X64X64X72 X41X64X64X72 X44X61X74X61 X44X61X74X61 X44X61X74X61X20X49X6E X41 X42 X41X4CX55 X53 X49X47X4E X45X58X54 X36X2EX2EX31X30 X31X31X2EX2EX31X35 X31X36X2EX2EX33X31 X49X52 X4EX50X43 X4EX50X43 X50X43 X4DX65X6DX6FX72X79X20X50X6FX72X74 X41X64X64X72 X44X61X74X61 X34 X4DX65X6DX6FX72X79X20X50X6FX72X74 X41X64X64X72 X49X6E X4FX75X74 X49X52 X31X31X2EX2EX31X35 X6FX72 X31X36X2EX2EX32X30 X49 X46 X49 X44 X45 X58 X4D X45 X4D X57X42 ( b
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