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Lecture 2_crider notes - I. First, a recap: In the last...

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I. First, a recap: In the last class, we were introduced to Essay #1, a three-page essay that will study either DIALOGUE in Hemingway’s story, or CHARACTER in Porter’s, as rhetorical features of the story. In other words, how these features make up the rhetoric of the story, how they persuade the reader to read the story one way or another. I then lectured on pages 1-42 of Crider’s essay on rhetoric and the academic essay. We went over the major points of the reading, and considered how they apply to developing Essay #1. My lecture notes are now posted, in outline form, on Carmen, if you wish to review them. II. The goals of today’s lecture are: a. to conclude the major points of our class reading of Crider’s essay, b. and to work out the means of applying Crider’s essay to writing our own (as we did in the last lecture). c. After this lecture we will break down what is meant by “rhetoric of story” and begin to practice story analysis, but first, Crider: III. The academic essay, which you are writing in this class, is broken into these components: i. Invention : what you argue ii. Organization : in what order you argue iii. Style : how you argue b. Once we choose a topic (remember, for this essay you have two options), we can begin to invent in the following order:
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Lecture 2_crider notes - I. First, a recap: In the last...

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