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SUBiology_1010_-_Midterm_1-_VERSION_C_-_with_answers -...

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Page 1 of 19 SUBiology 1010 - 2009 Midterm 1 – Biochemistry and Cell Biology – VERSION C 1) You are completing VERSION C. Choose C for this question or you will not be graded. A) B) C) Choose THIS ONE D) E) 2) A theory is _____. A) a poorly supported idea that has little experimental support but might be correct. B) not correct unless it is several years old and many people believe it. C) a concept that once established in the scientific literature can never be modified or rejected. D) a well-supported concept that has broad explanatory power. E) the same thing as a hypothesis. 3) Place the following in order from weakest to strongest 4) A drug used to relax bronchial muscles, improving airflow and thus offering relief from asthma, consists only of one enantiomer, the R-form. Why may this be? A) The other enantiomeric form may have different or opposite physiological effects. B) It is impossible to synthesize both enantiomers simultaneously. C) It is much less expensive to synthesize one enantiomer at a time. D) The R-form of a molecule is always easier to construct. E) It is likely that only the R-form has been studied.
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Page 2 of 19 5) Which of the following statements is true regarding the linking of these two molecules? 6) Refer to the structural diagram below. Indicate the reaction that would return this molecule to the monomeric components, and indicate at which bond this reaction would occur.
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SUBiology_1010_-_Midterm_1-_VERSION_C_-_with_answers -...

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