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World Campus IST210 Lab # 3 : Creating Tables and Inserting Data Date Assigned: Week 7 Date Due: End of Week 8 (NOTE: two weeks to complete) The Case: Magnet Manufacturing is a fictitious company. They manufacture and ship directly to their customer. The center of Magnet’s manufacturing operation is the orders they receive from their customer. The owners of the company identified about a year ago that they wish to automate the order entry process. So, they engaged the services of a consulting company to create a Microsoft Access database. Tremendous growth has happen at Magnet Manufacturing since the implementation of the Microsoft Access database. Demands for the products have increased 200%. It has increased in such a volume that the existing database cannot keep up with all the needs of the company. So, management of Magnet Manufacturing has come back to the consulting company for a recommendation. After an exhaustive study, the consultant has recommended that the second phase of database implementation should begin. This phase involves the movement of the order system from the Microsoft Access database to a robust, high end database management system The consulting company has contracted your services to provide the technical services of moving the database from Access to SQL Server. Business Overview:
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Lab_03_create_insert - World Campus IST210 Date Assigned:...

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