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World Campus IST210 Lab # 4 : SQL Queries Date Assigned: Week 8 Date Due: End of Week 9 (NOTE: two weeks to complete) LAB # 4 – SQL Query on a Single Table involving IN, BETWEEN and aggregations. Using the VLABS environment, log into SQL SERVER and use the tables in WCIST210 schema with the prefix of DEMO, and perform the following queries: 1. Use the NULL keyword to display the product_id, for records that have no value for the field end_date from the table demo_price. 2. Display the customer_id , name and city for customers located in the state of California and assigned to salesperson 7844. Hint: you will need to determine the code for California. 3. Display customer_id and order_id, and total where the customer_id is in the 200 to 205 range from the demo_sales_order
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Unformatted text preview: sorted in descending order by the total field . 4. Display customer names containing the letters ‘AND’ from the demo.customer table. The ‘AND’ can appear anywhere within the name. 5. Sum up the field total in the item file for order_id 503. 6. Display the minimum salary, maximum salary, and number of employees assigned to department_id ‘30’ in the table demo_employee . Be sure to review the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the DEMO database provided in the Lab # 4 folder in Angel. Please capture the SQL commands and the execution of the SQL commands in a Microsoft Word document by using the copy and paste feature of windows. Submit the Word document to the Angel web space for this class into the drop box for Lab # 4....
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