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Lecture 3b List ADT and its implementations 2 --- 84 [CS1102C AY0708S1 Lecture 3b] Lecture Overview List ADT Specification Implementation for List ADT Array Based Linked List Based Variation of Linked Lists List ADT Your name is not on the guest list! 4 --- 84 [CS1102C AY0708S1 Lecture 3b] List ADT A sequence of items where positional order matter <a 1 , a 2 ,…, a n-1 , a n > Lists are very pervasive in computing e.g. student list, list of events, list of appointments etc The list ADT idx : Position, integer item : Data stored in list, can be any data type List add(idx,item ) remove(idx) retrieve(idx, item) List() getLegnth() isEmpty()
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