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1 NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering EE2006 Digital Design Laboratory Manual for Digital Design Experiment: D1-03 Digital Service Manager Session: Semester I, 2007/08
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2 Digital Design Experiment: D1 - 03 Digital Service Manager Design and implement a Digital Service Manager (DSM) for SBS Transit, Singapore, as described below. For every bus route, the DSM monitors the number of buses that are available at the bus station to ply the route. If this number falls below a critical level, the DSM notifies the control room that additional buses are needed to ensure prompt servicing of passengers. At the beginning of the day, the number of buses in the station is taken as BUS_COUNT (the station can hold a maximum of 10 buses). Sensors are located at the entry and exit of the bus station to notify the DSM regarding buses entering or leaving the station. Only one bus can go through the entry/exit at any given time while simultaneous bus entry and exit is possible. The DSM keeps count of the number of buses in the station and if the number is less than 3, it notifies the control room by asserting an ALARM signal. ALARM is de-asserted if at least two buses enter the station within the next 10 clock cycles, or if the control room asserts a RESET signal. To implement the above system in hardware, you may use a dip switch to set the BUS_COUNT value, and input this to your system by asserting a START signal with a pushbutton switch. Entry and exit of buses, and the RESET signal can also be input to your circuit by using other pushbutton switches. The ALARM signal can be displayed using an LED. ( Hint : It is useful to give pushbutton input to your system through a single pulser circuit. ) The digital electronics laboratory has stocks of TTL integrated circuit components that are listed below. Depending on your circuit design you may need a subset of all the IC’s listed. You may pick the ones that you need after your design has been verified and approved . In addition to IC’s, you will be given a custom package containing a breadboard, a 7805 voltage regulator IC, push-button switches, 4-bit dip switches and LEDs tailored to the needs of the project assigned to you. Description
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