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1 NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering EE2006 Digital Design Laboratory Manual for Digital Design Experiment: D1-04 Peptide Sequence Detector Session: Semester I, 2007/08
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2 Digital Design Experiment: D1 - 04 Peptide Sequence Detector A peptide sequence defines the protein structure which is characteristic of the parent species. Design and implement a digital peptide sequence (also called amino acid sequence) detector to identify mutant protein samples, as described below. For a particular species, the peptide sequence is of length 3 and each of the three amino acid residues ‘A’, ‘T’ and ‘G’, appears only once in the sequence. Also, the residues can appear in any order, but ‘A’ must always appear before ‘G’ in the sequence; if this condition is violated, the test protein sample is identified as a mutant sample. If three consecutive protein samples are found to belong to the mutant species, the detector asserts an ALARM signal and disallows further tests until the detector is reset by asserting a RESET signal. In your circuit, encode the three residues as: A 0, T 10, G 110. To indicate the availability of a test sample, assert a READ signal with a pushbutton switch, and then enter the coded peptide sequence serially, starting from the next clock cycle using a pushbutton switch . Indicate whether a sample belongs to the original or mutant species by lighting up an O or M LED, respectively. Also use an LED to display ALARM, and a pushbutton switch for RESET. ( Hint : You may also want to think about how to reliably enter serial data into your system. Also, it is useful to give pushbutton input to your system through a single pulser circuit. The digital electronics laboratory has stocks of TTL integrated circuit components that are listed below. Depending on your circuit design you may need a subset of all the IC’s listed. You may pick the ones that you need after your design has been verified and approved . In addition to IC’s, you will be given a custom package containing a breadboard, a 7805 voltage regulator IC, push-button switches, 4-bit dip switches and LEDs tailored to the needs of the project assigned to you. Description
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