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EE2009/EE2009E Signals / page 1 NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE EXAMINATION FOR (Semester I: 2006/2007) EE2009/EE2009E – SIGNALS November 2006 – Time Allowed: 2 Hours INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES : 1. This paper contains SIX ( 6) questions and comprises NINETEEN (19) printed pages. 2. Answer any TWO ( 2 ) questions from Section A, and any TWO ( 2 ) questions from Section B. 3. All questions carry equal marks. 4. This is an OPEN BOOK examination. Programmable calculators are allowed. 5. Write your matric number and the numbers of the questions you have attempted in the spaces provided below. 6. All your answers must be written neatly in the appropriate spaces provided in the question paper. QUESTION NUMBER MARKS TOTAL MATRICULATION NUMBER :
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EE2009/EE2009E Signals / page 2 SECTION A (Answer Any TWO Questions) Q.1 (a) A signal from a certain test point in a prototype DVD recorder has a form given by . Suggest a possible set of values for the constants , b and () ( ) t j t j 0 4 ω π a a be t a e t x 6 5 cos 3 + + = 0 . For these suggested values, determine and sketch the amplitude and phase spectra of the signal. (15 Marks) (b) To further develop the prototype recorder, an engineer uses a spectrum analyzer and an oscilloscope to observe the signal ( ) t x a . Based on the results from part (a), sketch the spectrum that would be displayed on the spectrum analyzer. Is it likely that the oscilloscope shows a waveform that is rectangular or triangular in shape? Will the oscilloscope be able to show a stationary waveform?
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