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Hints to Problem Set 2 1 (a) Recall the result from tutorial and laboratory experiment S1 that relates the spectrum of a single pulse to that when the pulse is made periodic. The book has a problem that plots the spectrum of a periodic square waveform from its Fourier series. (b) There is no need to do everything in the frequency domain. Work things out in the time and frequency domains in the most convenient manner. 3 (a) Integrate. (b) Take a look of a similar problem in the book. 4 (a) Determine the frequency extent of the input spectrum. (b)
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Unformatted text preview: Things will be fine so long as the signal part does not alias with the noise part. A digital filter can always be used after digitization to remove unwanted components as long as these components do not have any contributions from the signal. 5 (a) Write down a formula for the digital signal and then the analog one. (b) Relate ( 29 z X to ( 29 z Y and then do inverse transform. 6 (a) Recall the results of the simulation program. (b) The speed resolution translates to a frequency resolution. Draw the system block diagram....
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