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Hints to Problem Set 3 1 (a) See if the signal is periodic. Try to write down its spectrum. (b) Assume that the triangles seen on the spectrum analyzer correspond to actual impulses. See FAQ on power spectrum. Recall what you see on the analyzer in laboratory S2. 2 (a) Write the waveform given in terms of rectangular functions. (b) Work out the input and output and their spectra. Is the system linear? 3 (a) Find the frequency response of the system. Input and output power spectra are related by modulus square of the response. (b) Sketch the input spectrum and determine the highest frequency component.
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Unformatted text preview: 4 (a) Determine the frequency extent of the input spectrum. (b) Write down the block diagram of the system, which is like a modem. Can we send video signal through the telephone line and watch TV through the phone system? 5 (a) Introduce a new variable for storing ( 29 • u 7 . . (b) Sketch the spectra of the signal at various stages of the system. 6 (a) Recall the precautions that one must take in estimating the spectrum of a noisy signal. (b) Follow what has been done for radix-2 system in the book....
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