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_Signal_Hints_to_Problem_Set_4 - 4(a Determine the...

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Hints to Problem Set 4 1 (a) Simplify the signal first when 3 = α . (b) Does the reddish component have a larger power? 2 (a) What is the impulse response? Is it likely that an extremely high voltage pulse will damage the speaker of the system? Impulse and frequency responses are Fourier transform pairs. (b) Sketch the waveform. You can work out the results due to different components first and use superposition. 3 (a) Sketch the power spectrum. (b) What are the frequencies of Class95 FM and other FM broadcasting stations?
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Unformatted text preview: 4 (a) Determine the frequency extent of the input spectrum. Has aliasing happened? (b) Sketch the system block diagram and the input and output spectra. What should c f 2 . 1 be? 5 (a) An all-pass system will not change the strength of different frequency components. (b) How can one implement Fourier transform in a practical system? 6 (a) Write down the digitized signal. (b) Draw the system block diagram....
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