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_Signal_Hints_to_Problem_Set_5 - What are the frequencies...

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Hints to Problem Set 5 1 (a) Sketch the power spectrum. You can do it component by component. (b) Assume the triangles to be impulses – recall what you see on the spectrum analyzer in laboratory S2. See also the FAQ on power spectrum. 2 (a) Write the output down in terms of 2 pulses that have the same shape as the input. Deduce the impulse response first. (b) Is the system linear? 3 (a) Do it graphically. Find the time when output starts, when it ends, and when it has a maximum value. Put down important values and sketch the output. (b) Sketch the input spectrum. Do it for positive frequency first.
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Unformatted text preview: What are the frequencies of Class95 FM and other FM broadcasting stations? 4 (a) Sketch the input spectrum. See if aliasing has happened. (b) Sketch the relevant spectra carefully – take the frequency to be positive first and use the fact that the signal is real. 5 (a) Express the output in terms of the input spectrum. Use the inverse transform formula to work out the output and input at time 0 first – see that they are related. (b) Any implication on the bandwidth of the input? 6 (a) Recall the result of the simulation program that shows the spectrum of 2 sinusoids in noise....
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