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Hints to Problem Set 5 1 (a) Sketch the power spectrum. You can do it component by component. (b) Assume the triangles to be impulses – recall what you see on the spectrum analyzer in laboratory S2. See also the FAQ on power spectrum. 2 (a) Write the output down in terms of 2 pulses that have the same shape as the input. Deduce the impulse response first. (b) Is the system linear? 3 (a) Do it graphically. Find the time when output starts, when it ends, and when it has a maximum value. Put down important values and sketch the output. (b) Sketch the input spectrum. Do it for positive frequency first.
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Unformatted text preview: What are the frequencies of Class95 FM and other FM broadcasting stations? 4 (a) Sketch the input spectrum. See if aliasing has happened. (b) Sketch the relevant spectra carefully take the frequency to be positive first and use the fact that the signal is real. 5 (a) Express the output in terms of the input spectrum. Use the inverse transform formula to work out the output and input at time 0 first see that they are related. (b) Any implication on the bandwidth of the input? 6 (a) Recall the result of the simulation program that shows the spectrum of 2 sinusoids in noise....
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