bio quiz 2 - Which statement about one or both of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Which statement about one or both of the functional groups shown in the figure is INCORRECT ? E - One of the two groups can participate in van der Waals interactions with the fatty acid tails of lipids. Which of the following correctly describes an important interaction involved in the assembly of phosopholipids (example to right) into a bilayer? B - The hydrophobic interactions of the fatty acid tails of the phosophlipids causes them to associate together to avoid water Which choice best completes the following? The osmotic uptake of water by a cell and the diffusion of O 2 into the same cell: A - are similar processes because both water and O 2 can move by passive diffusion across the plasma membrane. A variety of linkages are involved in holding individual proteins in their specific shapes. Among the linkages listed below, which one of them is the main one involved in maintaining the primary structure of proteins? E – peptide bonds Which one of the following organic molecules is not able to act as a monomer in the construction of biological macromolecules D – Glycerol Unlike phospholipids, triacylglycerides (fats and oils) do not form bilayer membrane structures in water because: B - they are not amphipathic. Many different types of studies, such as the vesicle fusion study discussed in class, have provided key insights that lead to the fluid-mosaic model for biological membranes. Which of the following is not consistent with this model?...
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bio quiz 2 - Which statement about one or both of the...

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