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Persuasive Memo - but I firmly believe that it will pay for...

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TO: Riverview Plaza Committee C/O Mark Anderson FROM: Jayme Stephens RE: July 10, 2009 SUBJECT: Business / Daycare Addition After extensive thought and research, I have come to the conclusion that a daycare center would possibly be the most used resource we could bring into the building. There are so many parents who have to leave their children every day. I know from having to leave my nephew with other people while I’ve worked that as a parent, you just feel incredibly guilty and your work suffers. Put yourself in the place of these parents. Many of them can’t afford quality day care and have to rely on family members who aren’t even always available. That adds up to days missed for having to stay home with their children. By investing in this venture you will not only be bringing them peace of mind, but it will also be increasing production and decreasing absences. I know it seems like a tall order by hiring certified day care workers and a nurse to be on staff,
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Unformatted text preview: but I firmly believe that it will pay for its self in less than a year with all of the parents who are able to come to work and do their jobs confidently. I would like to also suggest that cost of the service be based on the income of the employee, possibly even free for special cases. It would allow for affordable daycare for all workers, and they’d be able to check in on their children during breaks. Unless you are a parent, which I do know many of you are, you can’t know what a struggle it is daily to leave your child with a sitter or a daycare full of people you barely know. I know that these wonderful people would be able to concentrate so much better knowing that their babies were just a few floors away and doing just fine. Thank you for your time, Jayme Stephens...
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