My idea is a Daycare Center

My idea is a Daycare Center - When parents leave their...

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My idea is a Daycare Center. Most workers may have children, so devoting a few rooms to this service would help the employees tremendously. It would have lisenced day care workers, a small lunch room, a class/playroom, and beds according to a headcount of employees who plan to utilize this service. There should also be a pediatric nurse on staff in case of emergencies. I feel offering this service, to be charged according to salary, would benefit everyone involved.
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Unformatted text preview: When parents leave their children they often feel guilty, but this way they can peek in and check on them on breaks and feel better about them being close by. This would be especially wonderful for new parents who experience separation anxiety from their little ones in the first few weeks after maternity leave. This may very well up productivity of employees because they will have one less thing worrying them while they work....
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